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Prom Part 1: The Slip Dress

Posted on April 21 2015

Prom season is coming up soon, as a expert cheap-o, the next couple of posts is going to be focusing on how to
rock prom in a extremely tight budget.

This year, a lot of the designers at couture fashion week brought back the long slip dress look. It's simple, sexy and
depending on the fabrics and designs you can achieve totally different looks. And as a simple dress it gives you a lot
of freedom for hair and makeup.


Finding your slip:
You can get slip dresses for really cheap at any type of thrift store (trust me), they mostly could range from $1 to maybe
$5. After trying a few one, I'd also think of a way to customize it. Beading, dyeing it, adding lace trims, leg slit designs,
add lace up details or even changing the bodice.

Fabrics and Prints:
For the bohemian princesse, I recommend choosing fabrics like lace, or floral prints. If your lucky at the thrift store you
might even find a floral print vintage night gown that could also be a alternate look from the slip dress.


For the minimalist, and edgier girls I recommend simple but shiny fabrics to make it look a little more formal. Fabrics such as satin, silk,
basically anything that shines and drapes well is your friend.

For the edgier girls, velvet can also look amazing and extremely vampy and sexy too.

Making one yourself:
Making a slip dress design yourself is also very very easy. Take a bodycon dress of a fitted long maxi dress and create a pattern. Try using fabrics with lots of
stretch if your sewing yourself a dress, since it's a lot easier to manipulate and you'll spend less time figuring out the darting.



Sleeh Contributor of Comme Une Japonaise


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