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Yoga pose for beginners ① - Camel Pose

Posted on January 03 2018

Wanna have some workout after the whole day to release stress? Yoga would be an awesome choice. Yoga brings you peace in mind and heart. It helps to reduce stress and relieve tension in lives. What's more? Yoga is easy to be practiced! Starting from today we would introduce series of simple yoga poses, you can practice by yourself even you are beginner for yoga!

1. Camel Pose / Ustrasana
Put your knees with your legs hip-width apart. Open your chest and keep your chest raised when you inhale. Back bending and drop your hands toward your heels. Hold the pose for 5 seconds.

Photo: Instagram@eunseongyoga

By practising camel pose, you can strengthen your back, opens your chest and shoulders.

Want to learn more simple yoga poses? Then stay tuned and don't miss our next episode!