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What's Racing Green?

Posted on August 29 2018

Tired of the sportswear you've already had?

It's time for new outfits! Drop of Mindfulness Fall collection is coming to town!!


This year, we will have Racing Green as the theme color of the Fall collection. Have anyone think about why the color is named as racing green?


According to research, the color 'Racing Green' origins in Britain. Although there is still some debate about the origins of the color, many believe it originated with the automobile racing in 1903. 

(Photo: Wikipedia)


At that time, each national entrant picked up a color for their cars to represent their country. As the common color such as red, white and blue are chosen by other countries, meanwhile the 1903 race was held in Ireland, Britain at that time decided to choose the green as the color as a mark of respect for Irish host which Shamrock is generally regarded as the symbol of Ireland.

(Photo: Max Pixel)

Later on, the color used by British in car racing is named as Racing Green and the name of color has been spreaded over the world.



After listening to the story, are you in love in with the colour more? If yes, don't miss the upcoming collection.


Drop of Mindfulness Fall collection will be at store on 1 Sept 2018.

Stay tuned and grab yours at SLEEH.