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#sleehyogastory from @samyyoga

Posted on May 15 2017

Everyone is unique. Every story is unique. And we love to hear your yoga story. This time, Sleeh is so excited to invite @samyyoga from Japan to tell her yoga story. This yoga beauty is a yoga istructor and recently pregnant (Congratulations!) She started doing yoga because of her boyfriend and now she is an experienced, dedicated yoga instructor! Let’s hear what she said!

@sleehcom: How long have you been doing yoga?
@samyyoga: I have learned yoga for 4 months and then I have been a yoga instructor for 4 years

@sleehcom: Why did you start learning yoga?
@samyyoga: I started learning yoga because I wanted my boyfriend at that time thought I am a stylish girl.

@sleehcom: Why do you love yoga?
@Samyyoga: I love yoga because yoga emphasizes not to compare with others, but work in your own style and own pace

@sleehcom: Have you ever wanted to give up practicing yoga?
@samyyoga: Never

@sleehcom: Do you have any tips on choosing good yoga clothes?
@samyyoga: Choose something fit but not too tight

@sleehcom: I know you are pregnant, do you have any tips for pregnant ladies when they practice yoga?
@samyyoga: To avoid giving stress to belly, pregnant ladies should open legs wider. And practicing yoga according to their own pace.

As a dedicated yoga instructor, @samyyoga always want to be the best version of herself. We love to see such as inspirational figure and she is definelty a role model for other yoga lovers.

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