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#sleehyogastory from @i_am_mana_yoga

Posted on July 11 2017

Mana is a Japanese yoga instructor and SLEEH ambassador. She has been practicing yoga for 12 years and currently helping depressed patients to relax with yoga. Read her story to get more inspirations! 

@sleehcom: How long have you been doing yoga?
@i_am_mana_yoga: I have been practicing yoga for 12 years in total. I started learning yoga for a year. Then my yoga teacher encouraged me to become a yoga instructor. At the beginning, I was not interested in being a yoga instructor so I rejected her. However, she kept inviting me and finally I said ‘yes’. When I look back, I am grateful for her invitation.

@sleehcom: Do you have any tips for choosing yoga outfits?
@i_am_mana_yoga: Something not too tight and the materials have to be comfortable. I dreamed of becoming a fashion designer before, so I care about the design. I usually choose yoga outfits that match my style.

@sleehcom: How often do you go to yoga studio?
@i_am_mana_yoga: I go there every day because of my job.

@sleehcom: We notice you mention ‘rework yoga for depressed patients’ in your Instagram profile, can you tell us more about ‘rework yoga’?
@i_am_mana_yoga: We provide a yoga program for depressed patients who are recovering. The program focuses on relaxing their body and soul, we do breathing training and mediation. In the program, students will be taught some simple yoga poses. The poses are simple and relaxing, Throughout the program, we hope they can exercise a bit more.

@sleehcom: Do you think yoga can help depressed patient?
@i_am_mana_yoga: I am still studying if yoga can help depressed patient. We have started doing ‘reworok yoga’ for 2 years. But the effects vary. Some of my students  feel much relaxed but some said they do not feel any change after it. But I am still very pleased to do yoga with them, and I am happy just to see them happy.


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