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Drop of Mindfulness - Fall 2017 Collection Preview

Posted on June 20 2017

Drop of Mindfulness - Fall 2017 Collection is arriving SLEEH. We will start selling the items by the end of June. This collection is all about energy and movement. With strong colours and uplifting designs we want to inspire activity and making things happen. For pre-orders, please contact

1. Bennett (Orange)

2. Bennett (Pink)

3. Bayview (Pleat Pink)

1. Fairwater (Pleat Print/ Black)

2. Piper (Black)

3. Piper (Orange)

4. Hill Top (Grey/ Black)

1. BOW II (Black/ Pleat Print)

2. BOW II (Pleat/ Print)

3. BOW II (Grey/ Print) 

4. EMMA (Black/ Pleat Print)

5. EMMA (Grey/ Black)

For pre-orders, please kindly email us at!