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Meet the Instagram Yoga Queen - Jannette Brodersen

Posted on August 24 2017

"Don't chase people, be an example, attract them." A recent post by Jannette Brodersen which attracted over 5000 likes on Instagram.  

Jannette Brodersen is a Canadian yoga teacher. She has over 85K followers on Instagram. She was once a ballet dancer. At that time people told her that she could not be a good dancer. But then she started to dance 8 years professionally. "Not just because to prove them wrong, but to believe in myself and to chase my passion."

She is always a believer. When she started fitness 20 years ago, people told her that her body was not strong enough. But now she is a fitness model and entrepreneur. What are the secrets behind her personal and online success? Meet the Canadian yoga queen to learn more about it...

SLEEH: How long have you been practicing yoga and why you started it? 
JB: I have been practicing yoga over 12 years by now. I used to be a ballet dancer when I was young. So I thought yoga might be a different way to keep my body flexible, at the same time strengthening my body.

SLEEH: What yoga means to you and how have you changed after doing yoga?
JB: Yoga is an attitude towards life, it's a lifestyle. After doing yoga on daily basis, I feel a connection between my physical body and mind.

SLEEH: How you manage your Instagram account and how does it feel to have so many followers?
JB: To be honest, I don't really manage my account. My main focus is teaching yoga and training people. I try my best to balance my time with Instagram. I feel grateful for having so many followers. It is my passion to inspire people and being inspired with meaningful and positive thoughts.

SLEEH: What is your life motto?
JB: Being grateful and humble. Self-love and love. 

There’s enough people that are telling us we can’t do it. That we’re not good enough. Why do we want to tell ourselves that? We know for a fact that thoughts influence actions. We saw it there with JB's story. She doesn't care about what people said to her, just kept chasing her passion. We feel deeply inspired by her yoga dedication and positive attitude.

What are your interests? Find out your passion and chase it!