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Limited Mystery Grab Bag! Only available until 9 Jun!

Posted on June 06 2019

6 June is the National Day of Sweden. To celebrate the day, we are launching limited Mystery Grab Bags which are only available within 6 June to 9 June. 


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What is Mystery Grab Bag?

This time we will have 2 types of Mystery Grab Bag.
1) Mystery Grab Bag - Top
2) Mystery Grab Bag - Bottom

For the 1) Mystery Grab Bag - Top, its price is US$39 but the items packed will worth more than US$80 in total. We promise there will be 1 top + 1 T-shirt inside the bag, with some more sports accessories.

For the 2) Mystery Grab Bag - Bottom, there will be 2 pairs of leggings or 1 pair of leggings + 1 shorts, with some more sports accessories, which worth more than US$100. And the Mystery Grab Bag is only sold for US$59!

Will the size not fit?

The Mystery Grab Bag will be available in 4 sizes. The size of the items inside will be in accordance with the size of the Mystery Grab Bag. So you can choose the bag according to your size and you don't need to worry the items do not fit. What's more, if you have any preference on colour or style, you can send us an email after placing your order, we will be happy to help.

How does the Mystery Grab Bag look like?

The possible combination can be like these. All Mystery Grab Bag is unique so we are sure you will be surprised when you get yours.

1) Mystery Grab Bag - Top

2) Mystery Grab Bag - Bottom