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Inspiring adventure in India - @shesmilesyogi

Posted on December 18 2017

#sleehyogastory from @shesmilesyogi


Today we have invite Mara (@shesmilesyogi) to share her story through her yoga journey. We know she has just finished a 200hr YTT in India, where is generally regarded as the origin of yoga. Let’s listen to her incredible experience there.


(Pic: Instagram@shesmilesyogi

@sleehcom: How long have you practicing yoga and why you started it?

@shesmilesyogi: I’ve been practicing yoga on and off for a year before to start doing it almost daily from this past January. I started doing yoga because I wasn’t in a happy place and I needed to find a way to calm my mind down and find balance in my life. And it really did help, actually from when I started doing it daily and really giving my heart into it, I managed to turn my life around!


@sleehcom: How have you changed after doing yoga?

@shesmilesyogi : As I was saying in the previous answer, yoga helped me find mental peace and clarity. And improved massively my self- confidence too! As I was getting physically stronger, it was reflecting on my mind too!


@sleehcom: Why do you want to be a yoga teacher?

@shesmilesyogi: I wanted to become a yoga teacher because I want to help other people find their inner strength, as much as their physical one. Yoga is such a powerful tool to connect more with ourselves and feel our power and spread positive energy. And we need this now more than ever! Ultimately, I just want to give people a reason to smile. :)


@sleehcom: I know you just finished 200hr YTT at India, how would you describe the yoga atmosphere there?

@shesmilesyogi: I don’t really have words to describe my experience during my YTT. It was one of the best decision of my life and and incredible journey! I’m so happy I chose the school I did because it had the right balance between traditional yoga and western. They taught us that nothing is ever definitive as everyone is different, everybody is different, and you need to be able to adapt your teaching to your student's needs. So, I can tell you that the yoga atmosphere where I was, was magical, inspiring, light but intense and open! And I loved it!


@sleehcom: How would you choose yoga outfits? Do you have any tips?

@shesmilesyogi: I’m a person of comfort. Meaning that an outfit could be the best looking ever but if I don’t feel comfortable in it I will never wear it. And that goes from normal to yoga outfit. Especially while I’m flowing I need something that fits right and that is soft at the same time. I have a few favorite brands that I know fit me like a glove (hi Sleeh :)) but I’m also always open to try something new!


Thanks for Mara and her adventure in India really sounds an Interesting one. Want to know more about Mara? Follow her Instagram for more inspiration.


Instagram: @shesmilesyogi


What's Mara wearing? 

Bra top: Winter 17' - Reese

Bottom: Winter 17- BOW II