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Immerse in the YOGA atmosphere - #sleehyogastory from @faithfoxmama

Posted on July 10 2018

Our main character today is @faithfoxmama. Faith was born in New Zealand and she is currently living in Japan. She is such a yoga advocator in Japan. She has been active in organizing yoga challenges with yogis around the world on Instagram. Let’s talk to her and see what yoga means to her.




@sleehcom: How long have you practiced yoga and why did you start?

@faithfoxmama: I began yoga in 2015 after I saw some lovely yoga photos on Instagram, the beauty of the asana really drew me to yoga! I wanted to become a fitter and stronger mother and so I began my yoga journey!


@sleehcom: How is yoga for you and how have you changed after doing yoga?

@faithfoxmama: I definitely became more positive and health focussed since I began yoga! To me, yoga has become as important as breathing, a daily necessity.


@sleehcom: You have your own brand of @faithfoxdesigns, can you tell us about that?

@faithfoxmama: I have always enjoyed art and after I started yoga I found I wanted to share my art with others through painting my designs by hand on tanks and T shirts. I find great happiness in painting something which I know will be worn by someone who will love it as much as I enjoyed painting it!


@sleehcom: How is the yoga atmosphere in Japan?

@faithfoxmama: Japanese are very health conscious and yoga is well established as a great form of exercise in Japan, most women have tried yoga at least once!


@sleehcom: How would you choose your yoga outfits? Any tips?

@faithfoxmama: I always go for fit first, something that will fit well for active yoga and exercise but not too tightly so that I can also enjoy more yin style yoga as well. Also I really think colour affects mood. If you put on a cute outfit it is more than likely you will have a really great attitude towards getting out to exercise!







@sleehcom: ヨガは何年習いましたか?きっかけは何でしょうか。

@faithfoxmama: 私は2015年からヨガを始めました。最初はインスタで素敵なヨガ写真を八卦して、「ヨガは美しいなぁ~私もやってみようか!」と思って始めました。また、体型がよく見えたいママになりたいからヨガを練習始めました。


@sleehcom: ヨガを始めたら何かが変わることがありますか。

@faithfoxmama: ヨガを始めましたら、精神的にだけではなく、健康的にもいい効果を出てきました。私にとって、ヨガはまるで呼吸のように大事だと思います。



@sleehcom: Faithさんは@faithfoxdesignsというブラントを立ち上げたのを存じております。ブランドについてもっと教えていただきませんでしょうか。

@faithfoxmama: 芸術的なものが大好きです。特にヨガを始めましたら、皆と私の芸術を共有したいだから、手作りのプリントTシャツとタンクトップを作り始めた。このTシャツはいつか誰かが着てもらうを考えながら、楽しく作りました。


@sleehcom: 日本にはヨガの雰囲気はどうですか。

@faithfoxmama: 日本人は健康に対する関心が高くて、ちゃんと自分の健康を意識しますので、体にメリット多いと言われるヨガはとても人気です。日本の女の子は皆ヨガをやったことあると思うくらい普遍です。



@sleehcom: ヨガウエアを選ぶ基準やコツなどありますか?

@faithfoxmama: まずは試着します。ヨガポーズを邪魔にならないように、サイズ感はとても大切です。フィットしながらきつくないヨガウェアはちょうどいいです。あどは色です。色は気分に影響を与えますから、カワイイヨガウェアを着られるなら運動したくなる。