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If you don’t give it a try, you never know it - #sleehyogastory from @saho_yoga

Posted on June 25 2018

Today we have interviewed Saho from Japan. She has recently started teaching yoga and she receives great reviews from her students. What makes her decide to be a teacher and why is she so passionate about yoga? Let’s take a deep look to her yoga journey.



@sleehcom: Hi Saho! Can you tell us how long have you start learning yoga? And why did you start learning yoga?

@saho_yoga:  I have learned it for 4 years. I was living in Bangkok at that time, I found it was too hot to stay outdoor at Bangkok, even for just a small walk, it was too hard to do that. So I started to find workout which able me to stay indoor and exercise my body.


@sleehcom: Why do you love yoga?

@saho_yoga: When I am practicing yoga, I can concentrate at the moment. I do not have any burden and I can be the natural ‘me’.


@sleehcom: How do you choose yoga wear?

@saho_yoga: The first priority is the comfortability. And then I will take a look to the design and colour, as nice design can really motivate me to work out more.


@sleehcom: How often do you go to yoga studio?

@saho_yoga: I practice at home.


@sleehcom: Apart from yoga, do you do other sports?

@saho_yoga: I sometimes go running.


@sleehcom: Lastly, can you say something to those who are planning to start yoga?

@saho_yoga: If you are interested in yoga, just do it. Even thought there are so much information about yoga on Internet, if you don’t give it a try, you never know how it feels. So start moving!


- Outfits of Saho -

Top: Bennett from Drop of Mindfulness Summer 17'

Bottom: BOW II from Drop of Mindfulness Summer 17'




- 原文 -



@sleehcom: ヨガは何年習いましたか?始めるきっかけは何でしょうか。

@saho_yoga: 4年。バンコクに住んでいて、日中は外で歩くのも大変なくらい暑いので、室内で身体を動かせられるものを探していました。


@sleehcom: ヨガが好きな理由は何ですか。

@saho_yoga: その瞬間に集中して、瞑想できること。





@saho_yoga: 着心地やすさ。着てモチベーションが上がるデザインやカラーかどうか。



@saho_yoga: 自宅で練習しています。


@sleehcom: ヨガ以外に、他の運動もやっていますか。

@saho_yoga: たまにランニング。


@sleehcom: 最後はヨガを習いたい方にひと言お願いします。

@saho_yoga: 習いたいと少しでも思っているなら、行動するのみ。ネット上に情報が溢れていますが、体験しないと分からないことはたくさんあります。