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Happy Friday! Happy Lucky Draw!

Posted on August 24 2018

Friday! FRI-YAY!

SLEEH understands Friday is probably the best day in a week.

A day represents FUN and RELAX after the long working week.


And SLEEH is going to further power up the happiness of Friday.

Every last Friday of the month would be our HAPPY FRIDAY!




On that day, we are going to have LUCKY DRAW on Instagram Live at 12:00pm (GMT+8).

There will be 100 balls in the lottery machine which numbered from 1 to 100.

And we gonna draw some balls, whose order number (last 2 digit) is same to the ball can receive a prize.


We will pick up 3 balls on 31 Aug.

Grand Prize (1st ball we picked): SLEEH super GIFTBOX + 1 pair of leggings

2nd Prize  (2nd ball we picked): 1 pair of leggings

3rd Prize (3rd ball we picked): 1 sports top




Place an order at SLEEH and you will be automatically counted for the LUCKY DRAW at that month-end.

Since 31 Aug 2018 will be our 1st LUCKY DRAW, we will have a SPECIAL OFFER. All ladies who have ever made an order at SLEEH will be counted as participants for the LUCKY DRAW of Aug, stay tuned at our Instagram for the Lucky Draw.




How can I know I win the prize?

You should receive a confirmation email whenever you purchase at SLEEH.

In the confirmation email, there is a 8-digit order number.

Just check the last 2 digits and see if you are the lucky one.


For example, your order number is 2018-1050,

when we draw the ball number 50 from the lottery machine.

You will get the prize!!!



What can I do if I forget my order number?

No worries! We will send you an email if you are the lucky one.

Reply our email in 5 working days and then you can receive prize.