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FREE fitness trial pass on any purchase within JULY!

Posted on July 08 2019

Summer is the perfect time to go outside and have fun. Still thinking about how to prepare the summer body? SLEEH is delighted to tell you that we are working with the fitness centre UNME Fitness in Hong Kong. Just buy something at SLEEH, and you can get a FREE trial lesson from UNME Fitness!!!


How to get the FREE trial lesson?

When you place an order at SLEEH, we will send you the trial lesson pass together with your purchased items. We have no minimum purchasing requirement, just grab something you like and you will be eligible for getting the pass.


What types of lesson can the free trial lesson pass apply to?

The pass can be used to join 1 trial lesson at UNME Fitness. There are various of lessons including Gym&Fitness, Yoga, Dance and so on. Please get in touch with UNME Fitness for more details and you may reserve via +852 5486 7396. 


夏天就是秀身材的時間!想練出完美身段?就讓SLEEH幫幫你吧!今個夏天,我們與香港健身中心UNME Fitness合作,只要在7月於SLEEH進行任何消費,即可獲得UNME Fitness免費試堂1次。

只要在2019年7月內於SLEEH下單,我們會連同你訂購的商品,把UNME Fitness免費試堂券一同寄到府上。記得消費金額不設限,不管在SLEEH買甚麼,都送健身免費試堂券喔!


憑券可於UNME Fitness參加一堂免費試堂,課堂可選擇健身、瑜珈、跳舞等,更多詳情及預閱請聯絡UNME Fitness(電話: 54867396)