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4 Tricks to Keep Motivated

Posted on May 04 2017

Summer is coming! Are you looking for a new bra top to wear for attending yoga class or doing outdoor yoga but worry that you are not fit enough?

No worries, we would like to introduce 4 simple tricks to keep you motivated. Can’t wait to wear your favorite yoga bra top? Read the post!

1. Find yourself a yoga buddy
Not only will it be more fun working out with a buddy, but you’ll also keep each other accountable. When you set a date to meet up for an early morning yoga class, you gotta go, no snooze button, no excuses! If you want to do outdoor yoga, you’ll also be more motivated if you go to the yoga spot together with a friend.

So find a friend who would like to have a good lifestyle as you! 
Doing yoga with your friends is fun! 

2. Set your goals
If you’re working towards something you’ll be more inclined to actually do the work. You can set up targets on your weights, workout time, frequency or simple register for a yoga class. Want to be more creative and have more fun? Our instagram followers include lots of yoga instuctors and lovers and they will organize yoga challenge from time to time. Stay active on social media to get more inpistration to set your own goals. 
(Photo from @hirokosaunooke)
She is a yoga instructor from Japan and SLEEH/Drop of Mindfulness ambassador. You can discover lots of amazing people like her via social media and get inspired to set your own goals! 

3. Record your progress
Fitness trackers and sports watches are excellent tools to boost your motivation. There are tons of apps available for your selection. Another traditional way is to put pen to paper.

Consider writing down your activity, results and progress in a fitness journal anyway. Writing down achievements activates the reward circuitry in our brains and releases dopamine. This in turn makes us feel positive about what we’ve done and helps us stay motivated to do it some more. If you don’t mind being too public, you might also considering opening an instagram account and share your progress. This is so much fun and you will also find a lot of supporters from all over the world.

Record your progress and you'll know how strong you are! 

4. Find your perfect yoga bra top
To get motivated, you need find your perfect yoga bra top!! SLEEH offers a great selection of yoga bra top from Drop of Mindfulness, the high-quality yoga and fitness apparel brand from Sweden. 

Their summer collection includes: 
(Click the product shot to view the details)

Drop of Mindfulness - Bennett 

Drop of Mindfulness - Angela

Drop of Mindfulness - Barbados

Drop of Mindfulness - Freja

View the entire summer collection here. All yoga bra tops are made in high-quality materials and the colours are softer, smoother and brighter than the spring collection. Are you ready for summer?