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Calories burned in 30-min exercise

Posted on August 22 2017

Summer will be leaving soon but doesn't mean our fitness journey will end. There’s always a perfect time to decide to get yourself in shape and there is no better way to succeed than to find an exercise that is both enjoyable and burns a lot of calories.

Normally our bodies can burn over 1500 calories a day (also depends on your age, health condition and daily activities) The addition of exercise can bring this figure up to 1800 or even 2000 calories a day. To stay healthier and fit, it is then important to make sure that your calorie intake for that day does not exceed the number of calories you have burned.

Keeping your calorie deficit in the region of 500 calories can be very rewarding for those looking to lose weight. In order to lose 1lb of fat your body needs to burn 3,500 more calories than it consumes. So by using a combination of controlled calorie intake and the correct selection of exercises you could be looking at loosing 1lb a week.

So how many calories did you burn during 30-min exercise? Let check the below figures!

1. Ashtanga yoga - 158 calories
2. Walking - 158 calories
3. Jogging - 215 calories
4. Rope jumping - 308 calories
5. Cycling - 324 calories
6. Running - 551 calories

(Actual figures depending on your speed and intensity) 

Besides calories, it is also very important to do training to build up your muscle. Follow @sleehcom to get more inspirations!