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There are a lot of fitness tips which are available to the public. There are a few fitness tips for women which are used by well-known trainers. These tips are not revealed to the public for the sake of protecting business secrets. Nevertheless, a few secret fitness tips are revealed to you in this article.

1. Perform 100 kettle bell swings of your favorite style at a moderate speed for 2 weeks to get to the normal shape. After 2 weeks, you can either increase it by 10 swings every week or maintain the swings, at 100, per day.

2. Do not skip or avoid carbohydrates from your meal. Adding 30 grams of carbohydrates in your meal is very essential for weight loss.
3. Choose any cleansing juice and consume it regularly. Cleansing juice, without a controlled diet, would increase your weight.
4. Add a lot of sweet chili peppers in your diet to burn more fat. Combining capsicum to your diet would burn more energy and boost metabolism.
5. Exercise regularly but not the same exercise. Change the exercise pattern for every three weeks to avoid muscle damage and boredom.
6. Peppermint as a snack or juice would help to boost oxygen availability to your muscle and helps to improve the performance of your exercises.
7. Running on a treadmill for 30 minutes is less effective than walking outside for 30 minutes.
8. The best exercise for all the muscles in the body is skipping. 20 minutes of skipping at a moderate speed would help to reduce weight more effectively.

9. The women who exercise with other women are found to burn 50 calories more per day.
10. Do not exercise, after your work. You would be mentally exhausted and will not be able to workout at the same speed, as you can at the beginning of the day.
11. Be very stingy when it comes to dinner and eat as much as possible, for your breakfast.
12. Every day, try to do a few more repetitions than your body can do. This would help to build more muscle to burn more fat, even when you are idle.
13. Keep a plan to donate a dollar for every pound you gain. This would motivate you to exercise.
14. 7-8 hours of sleep is very essential to remove the bags under your eyes and fat from your thighs.

These were a few simple fitness tips for women which would help you to burn more fat than you can imagine. Do not expect results, within a day or two. Continue this for a month to see the result.

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